I got an Award!!!

I am so excited!!! Firstly to see that people are checking out my blog and secondlt to see that someone thinks it deserves and award!!! How fab!!! Thank you very very much to Creative Momma http://www.creativecandy4u.blogspot.com/ check out this blog as it is just fab!!! I have been loving her halloween creations!!!
I believe I have some questions to answer so here goes!!!
1.Where is my mobile phone? On my desk
2.Hair? Brown
3.Mother? Wales
4.Father? Wales
5.Favourite Food? Lamb
6.Dream last night?don't remember
7.Favourite drink? capri sun orange
8.Your dream/goal? to do what I love for a living
9.What room are you in? Craft room
10.Hobby? Cardmaking
11.Fear? losing my husband
12.Where do you want to be in six years? running my own business
13.Where were you last night? recovering from my halloween party
14.Something you aren't? Skinny
15.Muffin? Lemon and poppyseed
16.Wish list item?SCAL
17.Where did you grow up? Barry, Wales UK
18.Last thing you did? drop my husband to work
19.What are you wearing? Jeans and a cookie monster tee
20.Your TV? music station
21.Your pets? Santa the cat
22.Friends? lots but a small selection of special ones
23.Your life? Good and full of love
24.Your mood? Good until work I guess He! He!
25.Missing someone? Konrad
26.Car? Fiat Punto
27.Something that you are not wearing? Make up
28.Favourite food store? Asda
29.Favourite colour? Pink
30.Whe was the last time you laughed? Yesterday
31.Last tine you cried? During the film UP
32.Best Friend? Konrad
33.One place you go over and over again? HobbyCraft
34.Facebook? Yes
35.Favourite place to eat? at the moment Gormet Burger!
Thank you again x x x

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