New Fimo Dolls

I have been at it again with the fimo and here are my latest creations! They are without names at the moment as nothing seems to fit with them!!! With previous dolls I have had trouble with the hair, I fould it snapped real easy if you were not super careful with them, I fixed this with adding a solid base behind the hair but I didn't like to finish too much, so I went away did some playing and came up with these super thick curls. I think they look awesome, chunky and very robust ( hopefully )

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10 Year Anniversary

On the 17th of January me and my hubby Konrad had been together for 10 years ( married for 4 ) He is wonderful and gave me the most awesome surprise on our anniversary. . . I got home form work very very tired and hungry and he has food waitiong for me and just asked if i could get some drink ready, I went into the cupboard for some glasses and waiting there was a handmade card. Now my husband is not a crafter at all, he glazes over whenever I start talking to him about papers or embellishments and he has never so much as touched my cricut, so imagine my amazement when he produces this card. He has done a wonderful job and i think a future in cardmaking is not out of the question!!!! Now I must admit he used a skull that I have already made ( dunno where he found it though ) I just adore this card! he has used Don Juan for the numbers and Happy Haunting for the frame and font and the skull was made using Indie Art and some QVC stamps for the swirls. He even put glitter on the 10 for sparkle!!! He is such a sweet man and I love him more than anything ( even my cricut x x x )

Fimo Fun!

I have been upto my eyes in fimo lately! I love it as it is something I can do whilst watching TV with my hubby! I tried making cards in the living room before and it was a nightmare. . . I kept forgetting things I needed so was up and downstairs all the time, I made a huge mess which annoyed Kon oh it was awful. There are times when I do want to make things but also want to spend a bit of time with Kon so fimo is perfect for that. I have added some new characters to my Lil Schitz collection, now I do not have names for them so any suggestions would be awesome! Here they are. . .

I think they are super cute and I have given them some sweetcorn!!! I think they will make fab keyrings or phone charms!!!!

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