What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Well it's a new year and I have alot to look forward to this year!!! I am just over 6 weeks away from having a baby boy which my husband and I are super excited about. We have decorated his little room and we are all stocked up on baby essential, not going to go as far as to say we are prepared as I am pretty sure we are in for a huge shock but it's one we cannot wait for!!! I seem to be rather lacking in the nesting dept however, so thought I would take this opportunity not only to join in on WOYWW but also to show you all the shamefull state that my craft room has gotten into!!! Back last year we moved my craft romm to the middle sized room in the hope that more space wouls mean more organisation. . . all it really menat was that I had more room to buy more things!!! Then we got pregnant and crafting fell to the bottom of my to do list. I think that if I dont get it sorted this week then the chances are we will have to seal it shut and stick a biohazard sticker on the door!!! So the aim is to be back here by next wednesday with a nice tidy craft desk and room for that matter!!! Here are the awful pics in question. . . WISH ME LUCK!!!

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