Where Have I been???

Well it has been a busy busy few months for me and as a result my poor blog has suffered terribly!!! I found out a few months back that I am pregnant, after a few years of trying my husband and I were over the moon!!! For the first few weeks I couldn't even think about crafting as all that was whizzing 'round my head was babies babies babies!!!! Then when I finally rejoined planet earth the dreaded morning sickness beckoned, I was so ill that I had to be admitted to hospital to be rehydrated! All that is over and done with now and me and baby are getting along much better!!! I found out last week that we are having a baby boy, and he has recently started whizzing around and kicking like mad, and each kick just feels amazing!!! Wea re going to call him Hunter Nicholas Halabuda and i am pretty sure he is going to be a swimmer going by how much he loves to swim around at the moment lol!!!

Here is a pic of Hunter's foot from the scan we had last week, and the other pic is from the scan I had when I was in hospital, it was earlier than normal so he is tiny x

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