Busy Baking

I have been out of the craft room and into the kitchen over the past few days. I have been trying a few new things. I wanted to try to improve my cupcake decorating a bit beyond slapping buttercream on top. my first decorating venture was to make a cupcake that looked like a flower, now I had some help from Youtube, I found a fab tutorial!!! The coloured sugar I made myself as I am having trouble driving at the moment as my baby bump isn't fitting behind the wheel lol!!! Also I have tried quite a few times to make french macarons and failed totally, however today was my day, I got a new recipe and I was determined not to be beaten by these tiny french treats. My determination worked and here are just a few of them. I filled some with a homemade coconut and chocolate ganche, some are filled with whipped cream and most are filled with the new Cadburys Philadelphia spread and whipped cream!!! They have turned out to be delicious but I have found you cannot just eat one!!! The pics have been taken with hubby's phone as it is too dark not to get a good shot so he made them look funky with an app on his phone x

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