Polka Doodles - Alter It!!!

This weeks challenge over at Polka Doodles has been set by Ruth! She has asked us all to alter something!!! I had seen this fab idea online which involves putting the ingrediants for cookies into jar as a gift, I loved the idea so I thought I would have a go myself! It was all going so well until butter fingers Stacey struck! I dropped my first jar and it smashed into a huge delicious glass covered mess!!! After spending a silly amount of time trying to locate all the chocolate chips ( they fly far ) I was overcome with panic! I had to find another jar which was larger than the first then i had to refil it!!! Well of course I had no actual cookie ingrediants left so. . . I had to make do. My jar contains among other things a whole layer of bi carb!!! But dont panic the chocolate chips are not the ones I picked up from the floor!!! Anyway after all that I had enough time to make a quick wrapper using the polka dot papers from the new CD All Around and Everywhere. I turned it into a corset at the back so the wrapper is easily removed and can be put onto something more edible! I finished it off with a cute round tag from the same CD! Wish me luck for next week guys!!! How I don't fall down more is beyond me!!!

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Tip Top said...

Well, it looks fab and you'd never know what the ingredients were! Well I wouldn't not knowing what a kitchen is!!

~JulieH~ said...

Yumm bicarbonate choc cake!!! Oh this made me laugh Stacey sounds like something I would do! Love the corset decoration on the cute little jar. Great gift idea!

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