Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Hope last night was fun for all!!!

I have made 5 crafty resolutions. . .

1- Take photos of all my crafty projects if I am happy with them

2- Finish one project at a time

3- Be more organized

4- Rummage through my craft room and use the 1000s of thing I forgot I had

5- Use my scraps!!!!

We will see how it goes but I am starting positive, and fresh from my hello kitty disappointment I have now got doodlecharms so I am gonna get busy crafting today!!!!

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~JulieH~ said...

mmmmm that's a lot of resolutions to keep!! I look forward to seeing your photo's of your doodlecharms creations later today!
Happy New Year Stacey and Konrad

See you soon

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