Baby Bag

Hello again!!!

I though I would share a project that I have just completed for work. I work in a craft shop and I decided that we needed to use some products so customers could have some ideas as to what they could create.

I painted a mache bag with acrylic paint then sealed it with a high gloss varnish. I have used the new arrival cartridge to embellish it. It will look fab on the shelf in my shop for all to see!!! I just need to give my poor baby eyes, I was in such a rush to get a photo before it went dark that I forgot his eyes!!!

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~JulieH~ said...

ooh how gorgeous Stacey you have been a busy girl today! Now go and spend the last of your weekend off with your darling!



Norine said...

now this is too cute love it and thanks so much for following my blog because that way I found you LOL

Jackie said...

Lovely Stacey.....and what a fab job you have :)

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