No cards today, I have been busy busy busy tidying my craft room!!! I started and straight away wished that I hadn't bothered, I kept finding thing I had forgotten that I had bought which made me want to make pretty things and also started my hubby asking where all this stuff had come from!!! Note to self, tidy craft room when hubby is in work!!! My desk is just about finished its still a bit cluttered but until I make things with my crafty stash that will not change!!!

Second bit of info for me today was that I have finally got an allotment!!! I am so happy, I have been on the council waiting list for a while and today I finally went to see my plot!!! It is pretty much waste land at the moment but it is so so big and has so much potential that me and my hubby are so excited. We also have enough space for 4 chickens so we can have all the free range eggs we want ( and chicken if push comes to shove he! he! )

If anyone has any cool names for my chickens to be please let me know!!!

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~JulieH~ said...

Hiya Stacey
We want photos of your new tidied craftroom!
Congratulations on getting your allotment now the hard work starts!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend off, see you on Monday!

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